6.12.18, "When working with couples or individuals: Trust is the foundation block of all relationships. You can’t grow in a relationship until you have trust."  

-Janet Severe, EAP Counselor

6.7.18, Life is painful and life is wonderful.  Acknowledge the pain and celebrate the wonderful." 

-Joy Youngland, Best Care EAP Counselor


5.14.18, Talking about money in a relationship is not braggadocios or conceited. The inverse is also true; it is not a reason for your partner to run for the hills or think less of you. Healthy conversations among couples regarding financial habits can lay the groundwork for transparency in communication, an enhanced understanding of future goals, and cohesion. Conversations about financial wellness early in a relationship can alleviate stress, conflict, and misunderstandings moving forward. Invest in yourself and your partner by sharing you financial goals! 

-Jeff Friedlander, EAP Counselor

We're All In It Together!

Brigette Morris, Account Coordinator, Best Care EAP

5.2.18, On a recent trip to New York City, as always, the best way to really experience its people and its beauty is on foot. Walking through the crowded streets of New York takes some real navigation at times-so watch your step! But what an amazing feeling it is to share the sidewalks with people that have come from so many different places and who are on their way to so many different places. Being in the jam packed streets of New York City reminds me to appreciate the diversity that we all bring and to recognize and remember the humanity that we all share.

MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month

Is Marriage a 50/50 partnership?

-Terry Coleman, Clinical Manager and Counselor, Best Care EAP 

4.24.18, While you have heard it said “marriage is a 50/50 partnership” I think more and more couples today understand that a successful relationship is 100/100. What does that mean? Both partners are always willing to give 100% to the relationship all the time. There are times when your 100% may not be as much as it is at other times but that is okay because each of you knows the other is doing all they can. Talk about it with your partner and commit to putting all you are able into your relationship.

Let Them Tie Their Own Shoelaces

Amy Monzingo, Best Care EAP Counselor

4.18.18, Do you remember when your children were learning how to tie their own shoelaces? Many times it was so tempting to just tie them for them. You knew you could do it faster and easier. Yet you also knew they needed to learn how to do this task themselves. So you guided, encouraged, connected, showed patience. As my children have grown and are now adults, I often think of this in relation to other issues they face. There are issues I know I can fix faster and easier than they can, but I need to remember that they need to be allowed to learn to “tie their own shoelaces”.   view linked in post

The Importance of Journaling

- Ann Gillaspie, Best Care Training Consultant

4.10.18, A very important skill of emotional intelligence is self-awareness, understanding what you're feeling and why.  Sometimes people feel overwhelmed by emotions, and this frightens and immobilizes them. Knowing why you feel upset can provide valuable information about what needs to change in your life. Maintaining a journal can be an excellent way to explore your inner world and come up with a plan of action.

Tips for Journaling:

  • Set aside a specific time each day.
  • Start!  Put your thoughts to paper.
  • Try to include specific thoughts and feelings about events.
  • Don't worry about being perfect.  Just get it on the page

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4.6.18, "No one escapes emotional pain. We all have our stories . . . some people just have more chapters."

Joy Youngland, Best Care EAP Counselor