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"My Best Care EAP counselor is one of the best counselors I’ve ever worked with."

Matt, Sioux Falls SD

Why Best Care?

High performance companies require high performance people to identify and capitalize on market opportunities that deliver customer and shareholder value. Since 1976, Best Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has partnered with organizations to support the health and well-being of employees while advancing the business interests of the organization.

Best Care EAP does not operate as a commodity product or as an ancillary business. Employee assistance is our specialty and our passion. Best Care EAP will become a genuine business partner with you to promote, develop and maintain a healthy workforce which leads to the financial success of your organization. 

Other distinguishing factors include:

  • Best Care EAP's management team offers over 75 years of leadership and supervisory experience.
  • Over the past 18 years, Best Care EAP has developed and managed its own network of over 5,000 experienced, licensed clinicians across the country. This direct ownership guarantees the highest quality of services wherever your employees and their dependent family members live/work.
  • 88% of Best Care EAP clients resolve their issues within the short-term counseling time frame, without referral to a long-term or specialized care resource. This leads to health insurance cost savings for your organization.
  • Client satisfaction is measured on every counseling case with a satisfaction rate of 98%.
  • Best Care EAP counselors are reserved for counseling/crisis intervention for Best Care EAP client companies. They do not counsel the general public and do not provide long-term counseling. This eliminates the potential for conflict of interest situations (self-referral for revenue generation) and long waits for appointments.
  • Best Care EAP offers training, consultation, performance improvement and organizational development services by professional, highly qualified trainers/consultants that come to your organization to facilitate services for your leadership team and employees.
  • Client satisfaction is measured on every training session with an average score of 9.5/10.
  • Best Care EAP experiences a 99.9% annual client company renewal rate.

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