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Best Care EAP was a lifesaver for me. I was thankful that someone was available to answer the phone after hours (during my crisis). Also, I was so thankful that I could get an appointment that next morning. My counselor was so understanding and supportive. She really cared about my well being. The follow-up calls were also very helpful. At Best Care EAP, there was always someone I could at least speak to, especially during a crisis/breakdown. Thank you very much for helping me in my time of need and offering an accurate referral. Things are much better now for me and for my family. The future looks promising.

Ellen, Ft. Worth TX

How We Work

For over 35 years, Best Care EAP has partnered with employers to foster organizational health and improved employee performance. Our goal is to provide comprehensive individual, team and organizational assistance that is aligned with your business mission.

Best Care specializes in providing services to diverse work populations. Our customer list includes:

  • national and international corporations
  • federal, state and local agencies
  • health care and human service organizations
  • financial and educational institutions
  • large and small businesses and industries

Best Care is committed to caring for people by providing prevention, education, counseling, referral, follow-up and consultation services which improve job performance, worker health and the well-being of employees and their families. The end result is a positive impact to your bottom line.

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