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Everyone I talked to from Best Care EAP has been so kind, considerate and understanding to my needs. I was treated compassionately from the answering service to the counseling staff. Iwas given the feeling that I was starting at the right place to find help. Thank you.

Donna, Lincoln NE

Q & A

Q: What is Best Care Employee Assistance Program?

A: Best Care EAP is a program designed to assist (1) your organization in maintaining and improving the performance of your workforce and (2) your employees in identifying and resolving personal problems such as marital conflicts, grief, stress, parenting issues, emotional difficulties, substance abuse, financial troubles or other issues which may affect job performance.

Q: Why does your organization need Best Care EAP?

A: Because of substance abuse:

  • Up to 40 percent of industrial fatalities and 47 percent of industrial injuries can be linked to alcohol consumption and alcoholism.
  • Substance abuse costs American businesses more than $102 billion a year in lost productivity.

A: Because of untreated depression and other mental health issues:

  • Employers spend an excess of $51.5 billion per year due to depression-related lost productivity time (PWMH, 2006). 
  • Depressed employees, on average, use more than $4,000/year in medical services vs. less than $1,000/year used by employees without depression (PWMH, 2006).   

A: Because of violence in the workplace:

  • Workplace homicides are now the second highest cause of work related deaths in America.

A: Because of work and family issues:

  • 57 percent of small business managers feel marital problems have a more pronounced impact on work productivity than substance abuse.
  • Between 75 and 90 percent of all trips to primary care physicians are for stress disorders such as headaches, muscle tension, ulcers, insomnia and depression.

Statistics taken from U.S. Department of Labor, American Psychological Association, Ohio Psychological Association, National Safety Council, Business & Health Magazine and Employee Assistance Professionals Association,  Partnership for Workplace Mental Health.

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