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NEW Boot Camp 2019 Training!

2019 Academy Sessions -  NEW HALF DAY SESSIONS - SEE BELOW!

Boot Camps

Skilled managers are critical to the success of any business or organization. Good managers attract candidates, drive engagement and retention, and play a key role in maximizing employees' contribution to the company. Poor managers, by contrast, are a drag on all of the above. Best Care EAP provides Boot Camps that are 1/2 day, full-day and our NEW ongoing 4-week series that teach managers how to drive excellent performance . If you aren't finding what you are looking for please email us! We are always looking for relevant and meaningful topics.

2019 Academy Sessions


Management Boot Camp

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, Managing is one tough job! Best Care’s “basic training” boot camp provides everything a new manager or seasoned professional will need to survive in today’s ever-changing work environment. No matter what the level of experience, this session provides any manager the training to:

  • Keep employees motivated while setting clear expectations for performance objectives.
  • Promote independence while encouraging initiative.
  •  “Think” like a manager.

April 18, May 16, Aug. 8, Sept. 19 or Nov. 7

Conflict Management Boot Camp 

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, You know it happens! No one wants to deal with it—everyone wants to avoid it. Conflicts at work can be destructive! Handle it well and communication, team building and creativity soar. Handle it poorly and it’s all over! 

  • Learning to resolve conflicts is a must. This fast-paced seminar will:
  • Quickly clarify the nature of conflict and the forces that drive it.
  • Identify your unique “conflict resolution” style and how it works for vs. against you.
  • Practice tips, tools and techniques so you are ready when conflict happens.

March 5 or Sept. 12

Managing for Maximum Results: Getting the Best out of Your People Every Day

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, Employees are expensive. It’s critical that you do what you can to inspire them to give their best every day.

  • Reveal what makes employees tick and how to keep that inspiration alive.
  • Expose the organizational factors that can cause employees to lose inspiration.
  • Learn how to re-engage and re-inspire employees before it’s too late.

Oct. 10

Leadership in Action Boot Camp

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, Do you desire to make a difference as a leader? Do you want to accomplish great things with your team? To make a difference as a leader and accomplish great things with your team, you need a plan and the right tools to implement your plan. Join us in this one-day Leadership Practices Boot Camp and accept the challenge to become a better leader!

  • Develop your leadership vision.
  • Involve your team and inspire their support.
  • Create your personal leadership action plan.

June 6

Registration: 8:30 am, Program: 9 am – 4 pm, Cost: $179 per person/client, $219 per person/non-client 

Training Location: Center Pointe Building, 9239 W. Center Road, 2nd floor 

All day sessions include a light continental breakfast, an afternoon snack, water and beverages.  

Lunch is on your own (1-hour break). 

Half Day

Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior 

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, Employees are your most valuable asset and most are solid citizens. There are a few, however, whose conduct ignites unproductive conflict and injects unnecessary drama into your workday. They erode morale, sabotage productivity, and threaten profitability. This program is designed to help put a stop to their unacceptable behavior:

  • Identify underlying patterns of unacceptable behavior.
  • Reveal how these individuals can stymie even the most effective managers.
  • Practice techniques for confrontation along with methods on how to coach “up” or “out”.

April 11 or July 18

Change Management

CEU Hours pending** AVAILABLE, 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their goals.  This session will help you succeed by identifying:

  • The psychological processes that shape individual, team, and organizational reactions to change.
  • Strategies for using your knowledge of these processes to help design and execute successful change.
  • How to communicate in ways that help turn resistance into trust and trust into momentum for change.

March 28 or Sept. 24

Identifying and Preventing Compasion Fatigue 

CEU Hours pending** AVAILABLE, Clarify what compassion fatigue is...and who is susceptible:

  • Take a self-assessment and discuss your Professional Quality of LIfeScale.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue.
  • Explore new ways of thinking and behaving that can help you cope with and prevent compassion fatigue.

Aug. 15

Registration: 8:30 am , Program: 9 am – 12 noon. Cost: $119 per person/client, $139 per person/non-client 

Training Location: Center Pointe Building, 9239 W. Center Road, 2nd floor 

Half day sessions include light continental breakfast, coffee and water. 

** See detailed information at Methodist College Professional Development department.


The Influential Leader 

CEU Hours** AVAILABLE, As a leader in your organization, your job is to achieve goals by working with and through others. In this role, your ability to influence the thoughts and actions of your associates is critical. Best Care EAP’s unique, four-part training series has been designed to give you the perspective, knowledge, tools and experiences necessary to become a truly influential leader.

Session One: Influential Leaders PERSUADE There are only three ways to get people to do what you want/need them to do: 1) you can coerce them; 2) you can bribe them; OR 3) you can persuade them. Only persuasion produces long-lasting, positive results.

Session Two: Influential Leaders INSPIRE Influential leaders learn that prompting others to effective action is often more about engaging hearts than winning minds. This is also known as being emotionally intelligent. In this first session you will sharpen your emotional intelli-gence (EQ) by assessing your current level of EQ using The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal™.

Session Three: Influential Leaders COACH Coaching is the arena within which influential leaders most regularly apply their powers of persuasion. Building on les-sons drawn from the previous two sessions, this program will help you discover empowering answers...

Session Four: Influential Leaders PLAN It’s time for you to take the wheel! During this final hands-on session, you will:

  • Set SMART goals for influencing organizational outcomes
  • Anchor your achievement by: crafting an action plan that pinpoints people and resources, setting realistic time-lines, and developing measureable milestones
  • Receive highly valuable feedback that will spell the differ-ence between success and failure

4 week series:

April  (3, 10, 17, 24, WED)

July (9, 16, 23, 30, TUES)

Registration: 8:30 am , Program: 9 am – 11:30 am. Cost: $299 per person/client, $349 per person/non-client 

Training Location: Center Pointe Building, 9239 W. Center Road, 2nd floor 

Half day sessions include light continental breakfast, coffee and water. 

** See detailed information at Methodist College Professional Development department.