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Nothing is for FREE...

Do you remember what your mom used to tell you, “Nothing is ever free”? There has been a growing trend in the last decade that health insurance companies, disability carriers, group retirement plans and payroll management organizations bundle EAP services in with their product. Going this route “checks” a box, so to speak, if needing to fulfill a complete benefits package to your employees, however, is this really comprehensive? There are several questions an administrator should ask when considering a comprehensive benefits package. Does this bundled EAP program offer same-day critical incident response? Or any at all? How quickly can someone schedule an in-person counseling appointment with a licensed clinician?  Or is this only available over the phone.  Does this product cover ALL your employees, and not just those who opt into the rest of the benefit package? Lastly, when offered a “bundled” product, is there an option to “carve” out the EAP portion for  better comparison?  To learn more about the Best Care EAP competitive rates and wide-ranging package offerings, email

-Robyn Burnett, Manager-Education and Training Services, Best Care EAP.