Back to School Decision Making Tool (CDC)

During the Pandemic SERIES:  Ways to Stay Motivated

Returning to Work SERIES:  Do's and Don'ts   A Plan for Success  Rights and Respect  Keep a Proper Social Distance  Until we have a Vaccine  Slow and "Safely"  What's Next?  How Can Companies Adapt?   Are Employees Ready?   Is Your State Ready?   Cultivating Happiness  Keep A Handle on Your Anxiety

Summer SERIES:  Kids, Let's Play Outside  Old-Fashioned Fun  Food and Drink  Learn Something New  Do For Others  Read or Write Something   Style, art and architecture  Connect as a Family  Nighttime Fun  Grown-Up Fun

Face Mask Information

Best Care is Committed to the Well-Being of Your Work Force

Weekly Summer Webinar Series: Self Care Flyer

Caring for Yourself After Civil Unrest

How to Help Employees After Civil Unrest

The Emotional Aftermath of Civil Unrest

May - Mental Health Awareness Month Poster

Be a great manager during COVID-19

Got COVID-19 Fatigue?

Careful, you might have ZOOM GLOOM

Is COVID-19 Pushing Us Into a Mental Health Crisis? 

Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Even COVID-19

COVID Survival Guide

Mental Health Awareness Webinar Series

Compounded Loss During This Pandemic

Tips to Flatten the Anxiety Curve

Life Hacks:  Positivity During Quarantine

Something to Think About - Chart 

Social Isolation In the Era of Coronavirus Disease 

Transition to Working at Home

Staying Resilient During These Trying TImes

Stress Caused By Coronavirus Concerns Can Heighten Risk of Domestic Violence

A Manager's Guide to Employee Anxiety

Taking Advantage of Time Spent at Home SERIES - Week 1     Week 2   Week 3   Week 4  Week 5  Week 6  Week 7  Week 8

Feeling Anxious About Coronavirus Disease?  You Aren't Alone 

Anxiety and Stress Can Be Enemies to Your Immune System



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CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention            WHO - World Health Organization

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Mental Health Awareness Series:

Mental Health:  Best Practices (PART THREE) - 56 minutes   video link

Recognizing Mental Health Issues (PART TWO) - 53 minutes

Why is Mental Health So Important? (PART ONE) - 35 minutes

other short webinars:

Keeping Your Self Mentally Well - 9 minutes

Social Isolation - 7 minutes