Jean Faber - Corporate Director

Jean has over 30 years of experience in the areas of employee assistance, training and consulting.  She has been with Best Care EAP since 1989 and oversees all aspects of Best Care EAP and associated programs. 

Education: BA and MA in Education

Terry Coleman - Manager, Clinical Services

Terry has been in the mental health field over 25 years and with Best Care EAP since 1993. He supervises the professional counseling staff and all clinical activities for the EAP and the State of Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program.

Education: BA in Sociology, MA in Agency Counseling; Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

Robyn Burnett - Manager, Account & Education Services

Robyn has been in the mental health field since 2008. She has extensive experience assessing, diagnosing and treating mental health issues. She also has extensive case management and supervision experience. Robyn started with Best Care EAP in January 2018 and manages business development, training and communication activities for the program.

Education: BA in Psychology, MS in Clinical Counseling, MS in Community Counseling: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Professional

Lisa Sprouse - Office Manager

Lisa has been with Best Care EAP since 1992. She supervises the business office staff and manages all accounting and information management activities including reporting. 

Education: Associates Degree in Business Management

Sales and Marketing

Kelly Ethridge - 

Kelly Ethridge started at Best Care EAP in 2011. Kelly coordinates communication and promotional activities for Best Care Client Companies.  

Education: BA in Advertising/Communication, MA in Communication Studies

Brigette Morris - 

Brigette Morris has been with Best Care since 2011. Brigette coordinates new and existing business development activities for Best Care.  

Education: BS in Organizational Communications


Molly Hefner

Molly has recently joined the Best Care EAP team.  She has spent the last several years gaining experience in the mental health field.  Molly has extensive experience in suicide prevention and crisis de-escalation. 

Education: BA in Vocal Music, BA in Psychology, MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner.

Amy Monzingo

Amy has been in the counseling field since 1997, with Best Care since 1999. 

Education: BS in Human Development, MS in Community Counseling; Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Ken Munzesheimer

Ken started counseling in1987, with Best Care since 1993. 

Education: Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work; Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ralph Orsi 

Ralph has been with Best Care EAP since 2002. 

Education: BS in Psychology, MA in Community Counseling and Student Affairs; Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

Nicole Winkler

Nicole started in the counseling field in 2012 and joined Best Care EAP in 2017. 

Education: BS in Behavior Science, MS in Community Counseling; Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Joy Youngland

Joy has worked In counseling since 1989 and joined Best Care EAP in 2005. 

Education: BA in Business Administration and English, MS in Human Development and the Family, Master of Social Work; Licensed Mental Health Practitioner; Certified Social Worker

Michelle Hruska

Michelle brings more than sixteen years of counseling experience. Michelle has been the NE LAP Coordinator since February 2017. She provides alcohol/substance use assessments, treatment referrals and monitoring for pre-licensed, licensed, certified and registered healthcare professionals in the State of Nebraska. 

Education: Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. BA in Human Services from the College of Saint Mary and an MS in Community Counseling from UNO

Training Consultants

David Dechant

David shares more than 16 years of experience in the field and has been with Best Care EAP since 2004. 

Education: BA in Secondary Education, MA in Dramatic Arts, MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Lesa Deeker 

Lesa brings more than twenty years of experience in the field and joined Best Care EAP in 2010. 

Education: BS in Industrial Relations, Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)



Chris Johnson

Chris brings more than thirty years of experience in education and joined Best Care EAP in 2019.

Education: BS in Physical Education, MA in Administration, MS in Counseling.

Office Staff

These 5 women have over 60 years of combined service for Best Care. They are the first voices you hear when you call and the first faces you see when you walk in the door of Best Care EAP! 

From left to right - Kerri Hussey, Laurie Mueller, Gina Vandenberg, Tammy Markussen, and Pam Taylor