All pre-recorded Webinars have the same password: welcome.


Burnt Crispy:  Combating Career/Job Burnout - 59 minutes

(Staying) Home for the Holidays:  Navigating the Winter Blues - 56 minutes

Use and Misuse:  Drug and Alcohol Use in Recent Times - 55 minutes

Parenting in Pandemonium - 1 hour,  Parenting Resource Apps

Managing FInancial Stress - 1 hour, handout with financial resources

Parent's Guide:  Navigating Return to School - 13 minutes

Summer Webinar Series:  SELF-DEFENSE/Phase 3

Weekly Summer Webinar Series:  Self-Defense Flyer

Summer Webinar Series:  SELF-GROWTH/Phase 2

Weekly Summer Webinar Series:  Self-Growth Flyer

Summer Webinar Series: SELF-CARE/Phase 1

Weekly Summer Webinar Series: Self-Care Flyer

Mental Health Awareness Series:

Mental Health:  Best Practices (PART THREE/May 19) - 56 minutes  video link

Recognizing Mental Health Issues (PART TWO/May 12) - 53 minutes

Why is Mental Health So Important? (PART ONE/May 5) - 35 minutes

Keeping Your Self Mentally Well - 9 minutes     Social Isolation - 7 minutes

Managing a Virtual Team Series 

Creating a Strong Foundation - 17 minutes    Connecting Through Communication -  19 minutes    Keeping Your Team Productive - 18 minutes   Driving Change Due to COVID-19 - 19 minutes

Working at Home Series

The Good, the bad, the "Meh" - 12 minutes     Interruptions - 5 minutes  Home Office Check List - 14 minutes     Staying in Shape - 10 minutes    Ordering Out Done Right - 8 minutes    Preventing Procrastination - 13 minutes


Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

44 minutes

These are truly uncertain times we are living in.  How can we learn from our past to push for the change we want in our future.  Unconscious bias refers to the learned attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in ways we’re not aware of. You may ask your self, how does unconscious bias affect the workplace? Is there anything we can do to alter our bias?

Stress Less!

23 minutes

Is it true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Or is stress always debilitating?  Join us to learn some of the newest research regarding the impact of stress on your productivity, your health, and your relationships. You will also learn how to tailor some simple “stress less” strategies.


Thriving in Chaos

25 minutes

You can thrive in chaos.  When your life seems out of control, it’s easy to get sucked in a vortex of anxiety, depression and a general feeling of paralysis. Learn to move beyond just surviving.  Instead, learn to thrive in chaos and uncertainty.  This program will show you how.


  Bounce Back Better

43 minutes

Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” and cope with life events, both negative (e.g., health problems, unemployment, and divorce) and positive (e.g., birth of a child, anniversaries, etc.).  This program will help you…

  • Assess your current level of resiliency
  • Understand the traits resilient people exhibit
  • Learn to become more resilient


Riding the Tiger:  Serenity in the Age of Uncertainty

35 minutes

Does the state of the world leave you feeling anxious? Congratulations! You’re normal. No emotion is more basic than anxiety. It alerts us to potential danger and motivates effective action. This program can free you to live the life you want by helping you pinpoint your anxieties reclaim personal power and channel the focus and energy that anxiety gives you into constructive program solving.