Family Articles

Parenting is as rewarding as it is challenging. Our library of articles may help answer some of the age-old questions about raising children and building a family. If you would like information on a topic you don’t see, please email us! We are always updating our information to better meet your needs.

Parenting Apps for Your Phone

Check out the many pareneting resources available to you through your phone. Read more

Causes of Summer Stress

While we tend to expect a more relaxed lifestyle during summer, and the season definitely has its perks, summer can bring its share of unexpected stress...Read more.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Children

You can connect to your kids no matter how busy they are… Read more.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Sometimes it takes going through a bad relationship to figure out what makes a good relationship. Recent research* identified the top five regrets of 373 divorced couples. This is hard earned advice for a successful, happy marriage from those who learned these lessons the hard way. Read more.

Connecting With Your Teen - What’s happening

Many teens spend less time with their families than they did as younger children. As they become more independent and learn to think for themselves, relationships with friends become very important. Read more.

Domestic Violence: Its Everyone’s Responsibility

Many perceive domestic violence as a private matter between a husband and a wife. Domestic violence includes incidents occurring between married or dating couples, those in lesbian or gay relationships and abuse of elders by family members. Read more.

Top 10 Keys to Retirement Success

Success means different things to different people. Here are the top 10 keys that contribute to a successful retirement. Read more.

Parenting: Raising a Giving Child

It may be the most challenging job in the world. However, parenting is definitely the most rewarding. With so much emphasis put into learning the ABC's and 123's, concepts like kindness and giving are often a secondary lesson. It’s never too early to expose children to philanthropic activities such as volunteering.  Read more.