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Upcoming Virtual Event

The Nebraska Nonprofit Conference is being held virtually on Aug. 4th!

Post-COVID: The Business Side of Moving Forward

Globally, we shared the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak – and social isolation – is something that we had never known.

Easing Back Into Life Post-COVID

There’s a lot of anticipation for the return of activities that people have gone without. But, with that hope often comes the expectation that everything should feel comfortable; that returning to "normal" life will be simple.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Let's Focus on Youth

Let's check in with Ellen McElderry, Manager/Community Counseling Program for her insight on youth and mental health during MAY: Mental Health Awareness Month.  

Women's Mental Health

Women's Mental Health:  Identifying and Overcoming Workplace Challenges Presentation - for Nebraska Women in STEM.

Transitioning Back to the Office

During the COVID-19 crisis, employees quickly adapted to doing their jobs remotely.