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Social Isolation in the Era of Coronavirus Disease

A few weeks ago, Molly wrote an article  about why social isolation and loneliness are on the rise in the United States and how harmful they both can be. Then within days, an era of social distancing began in our country. Those sick with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or exposed to the virus are in isolation and quarantine while the rest of us do our part by limiting our movement and staying home.  -Article with Best Care EAP counselor Molly Hefner

Keepin' Up Your Spirits at Home

Tips for staying positive.

Stress Caused by Coronavirus Concerns

Stress caused by Coronavirus concerns can heighten risk of domestic violence article features an interview with Best Care EAP counselor Nicole Winkler

Take Advantage of Your Time at Home - Series WK 2

As we are being asked to practice social distancing and stay inside, maybe you can take advantage of this time at home.


Best Care EAP Manager Discusses Strategies for Workplace Wellness

Our jobs can demand a lot from us as working professionals, and in such a fast-paced world, stress seems to be on the rise.