Managers: When Change Comes, You Better Be Ready!

By Staff Writer

“In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail, is NOT taking risks,” –Mark Zuckerberg

Business demands fluidity, and requires leaders to embrace change and take risks. So, if you’re not ready to lead change then you’re not ready to lead.  Change in the business world is not an option, but is necessary to achieve success.  Here are the top 5 change management tips:

  • Understand the end goal. Where is the company today and where does it need to be? A change leader must have the confidence and capability to change if another path looks clearer and makes more sense. Listen to employees, be bold enough to adjust the direction the company is headed if need be.
  • Create a plan. Have a solid business plan. Identify the areas that need will need to be monitored continually as needs change and put a plan in place for execution.
  • Communicate clearly. Be sure to keep everyone aware of developments and understand end goals. Keeping the lines of communication open and keep employees involved in the change process.
  • Identify key players. Take the time to walk them through the anticipated changes to in the beginning. These team members will be instrumental when new processes are introduced.  They will also encourage skeptics to participate and help mitigate any negativity.
  • Delegate tasks. A leader cannot implement change alone. Delegate tasks to individuals across the team and assign firm deadlines for completion. Be sure to follow up with each individual and provide support when necessary.

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