8 tips to help you keep cool in stressful situations!

By Staff Writer

When a serious situation arises at work, your first instinct may be to panic. Unfortunately, severe anxiety and stress can result in a complete meltdown. Here are 8 tips to help you keep cool in stressful situations:

1- Slow down. 

Don’t react immediately. Be patient and collect as much information as possible.  Step back and remove yourself from the situation. You will remain less emotional and improve your ability to make decisions.

2- Stay positive.

Stop yourself from starting to imagine the worst-case scenario. Instead, let go of negative thoughts and refocus your mind on something positive.

3- Never ask “what if"?

“What if“ questions compound fear and escalate the problem. Focus on the facts and work on a solution.

4- Take care of your body. 

Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep.  Exercise lowers stress hormones and helps the body function at its highest level.

5- Limit caffeine. 

Caffeine triggers a release of adrenaline, giving you a quick burst of energy and physical strength, but is followed by a crash (fatigue and irritability.) Instead of coffee, soda or an energy drink, hydrate yourself with a bottle of water!

6- Call a trusted friend or mentor. 

Use your support system and don’t be afraid to ask for advice with a stressful situation. Someone who isn’t emotionally invested in the situation will be able to see the dilemma from a fresh perspective.

7- Disconnect. 

Pull away from the situation for a while. Give yourself time to process a dilemma and the emotions surrounding it. You’ll be able to approach the situation with a fresh perspective!

8- Develop a coping strategy. 

A crisis may require you to put in long hours at the office. If you remain in a prolonged state of stress, you may cause long-term damage to your health. Develop a ritual you enjoy. Perhaps start taking short walks or sign up for an exercise class. They’ll increase your stamina and help you feel more empowered to handle these situations.

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