5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time for a Change

By Staff Writer

It’s official…kids are back to school, the labor day weekend has passed, college football back in action, fall is here.  Here are some reasons why fall is the best time for reflection and self-discovery.

First: Fall reminds us of the ever-changing cycle of life.

Falling leaves, shorter days and colder nights-all signs of change in the cycle of nature.  Embrace the chilly weather or rain by taking a walk in a park, observing the leaves falling from the trees, make s’mores by the fire! And, just like nature-change is happening in our lives all the time.  If you are having a hard time with the change, remind yourself it’s only for a few months, meanwhile open yourself up to new opportunities…spring will be here in no time.

Second: Harvest time inspires us to complete tasks. 

Summer is left behind and the calendar year-end draws closer and closer.  Great opportunity to look at the past year and see what you have achieved.  This will help you set priorities and inspire you to make changes to achieve your goals for the next year and fulfill your life purpose.

Third: Fall is a time of gratitude and nostalgia.

Cooler days and rainy weather push people indoors.  Take advantage of this by taking a walk in a quiet park where there are no interruptions.  Or, enjoy the comfort of your home listening to the sound of raindrops.  Think about the great times you and your family had during the summer months.  Plot your adventures for the next summer. Stop and take time to be thankful!

Fourth: Fall is family time.

Spending more time at home in the fall gives you the chance to enjoy being with your family. You can focus on being a complete family unit during the upcoming holidays.  Spending time with friends and family creates priceless memories and makes you realize what really matters in life.

Fifth: Fall is a perfect time for new hobbies and self-improvement.

Maybe it’s because we are all used to starting school in the fall…but, fall is the perfect time to start new a new hobby or devote more time to activities that bring joy into our lives.  Are you thinking of learning a new skill or activity?  Most classes and workshops start in the fall-so, now is a perfect time to enroll.

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