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Articles - Emotional & Mental

Emotional Aftermath of Civil Unrest

Whether someone is in the frontlines of a protest, an innocent bystander, or watching from a phone or TV, witnessing these tense situations can evoke traumatic feelings.

Mental Health Awareness Series

May is Mental Health Awareness Month:  What practical things can a company do to protect employees’ mental health, and provide an environment that is mentally healthy for employees?

Got COVID-19 Fatigue?

Experts have noticed a disturbing regression dubbed "quarantine fatigue," in which people, regardless of what their local government says, have been slipping back into pre-pandemic social habits. 

Is COVID-19 Pushing Us Into a Mental Health Crisis?

The isolation and economic upheaval caused by the pandemic are already resulting in a sharp spike in people seeking mental health help.

Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Even COVID-19

The common expression "every dark cloud has a silver lining" means that even the worst events or situations can bring some good and positivity to our world. 

Compounded Loss During COVID-19

You experience the loss of someone you cared about?  The week after, you find out the company you work for is closing its doors? That’s a second loss. A loss that has occurred before you’ve been able to even begin to process the first. Compounded grief.