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Articles - Emotional & Mental

Coping Suggestions for Grieving

Grief can be a difficult experience to cope with. Every individual deals with grief in their own unique way. Here are some general tips on how to cope with grief that may help.

Critical Incident Aftershocks Can Be Pervasive

Information for the Manager and Supervisor.

There’s a tendency for everyone affected by a critical incident at the workplace to try to “carry on as usual.” It’s a normal response, but usually not the best one. Companies that make it clear to employees that things “aren’t as usual” are less at risk for serious consequences.

Dealing With Thoughts of Suicide

Two more celebrities who seemed to have everything together chose to take their own lives. If those who have “fame and fortune” find life impossible to take, what about those who live lives that are “usual and ordinary”?

Depression Apps for your phone

Here is a compilation of smartphone applications that can help manage and cope with depression.

Depression Getting Over the Hurdle

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression strikes over 17 million people every year—that is more than AIDS, cancer and heart disease combined. Yet depression is still misunderstood and often goes untreated.

Factors Influencing the Resolution of Your Employee's Critical Incident Stress