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Building Good GREAT Work Relationships

Making Work Enjoyable and Productive

Do you think you are a great employee?

How do you approach the world?  What preferences or tendencies do you rely on to get you through the day? The following qualities can help set you apart in the workplace. 

From BFF to Boss: Making the Transition

Forty percent of first-time managers crash and burn in the first year and a half on the job, and a significant percentage of the time it’s because they aren’t able to make the mental and emotional transition from co-worker to leader. 

How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work Part 1

How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work Part 2

Whether you’re telling a client the project is delayed or presiding over a troubled performance review, difficult conversations are an inevitable part of management.

How to Help Your Employees Following a Robbery

There is a tendency for everyone affected by a robbery to “carry on as usual.” The most important first step a company can take is to recognize that work life does not go on as normal for a period of time after a robbery. A robbery experience deserves special consideration and an involved response by management.