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Suggested Tips for Recovering From A Critical Incident

People who have experienced a critical incident event often demonstrate changes in behavior. The following suggestions reduce the probability of long-term stress reactions. 

Supporting a Grieving Child

As parents or caregivers, you want to do everything you can to support your grieving child. Here are some suggestions for you and your family to help a child following the loss of a loved one:

Taking Charge of Stress

The Art of Staying Motivated

We all know motivation is the general willingness to do something.  Mastering motivation, or staying motivated can be tricky.  Sometimes being motivated is straight forward and other times it seems impossible, leading to what seems like a perpetual state of procrastination. How can we keep the motivation going?   

The Five Stages of Grief

The Kubler-Ross model, authored by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, describes a process by which people deal with grief. The process is known as the Five Stages of Grief.  The stages can be applied to the experience of any significant loss including death, divorce, addiction, infertility, job loss, etc.

The Manager's Role in Change Management

Managers and supervisors are the key to success of any change initiative.  Managers are also closest to the employees who must adopt the new processes with a new process or initiative, so getting managers on board is crucial.  Here are 5 roles the manager must play in times of change: